In 2020, I published my first four poetry books in a series that I call “the northern collection”. I often get the question of which one to read first or which one to choose as a gift. In this guide I will tell you a little bit about the content and intent of each of the books, so you will know which one fits you or the one you will gift it to.

The Northern Collection

My four-part poetry series was written to invite the reader on a journey. The title “the northern collection” is partly inspired by my home in Denmark.

But it is also inspired about a story I once heard. Imagine you open a compass and see the needle inside pointing towards the north. What the needle points to is the magnetic north pole and not the geographical north pole. The geographical north pole - or “the top of the earth” is what we refer to as the “true north”. 

The series of books are written to help the reader find their “true north”, where they are true to themselves.

All of this to say - the northern collection is a poetry series created to guide you and inspire you. Therefore, I of course recommend you read them all. And if you decide to read them all, I suggest you do it in the order of which they were published: First the moon, then the orchid, then the ocean and finally the wolf. 

That being said, each book is another step and refers to a different life situation. Continue reading to discover which one speaks the most to you right now.

the moon

the moon is the first of the four books, written for those who find themselves in a dark place. The poems touch upon themes such as grief, heartbreak, despair and depression.

The book is created to inspire the reader to always look for the silver lining and find light in the darkness.

If you or someone you love needs a place to hold you and heal you, the moon is the right choice.

the orchid

the orchid is the second of the four books. It is inspired by the concept of dandelion children and orchid children.

While dandelion children are resilient and seem to thrive everywhere, the orchid children are more delicate and fragile. But when they are given the chance to bloom, they are exquisite.

the orchid is written for the sensitive hearts, for the deep feelers and the overthinkers. It is the softest of the four, touching upon themes such as kindness, sexuality, beginnings and love in all of its forms.

the ocean

the ocean comes from my love of the sea, its mystery and its eminence. This collection is the most philosophical of the four, dealing with themes such as forgiveness, time and change.

The maritime poems and illustrations will inspire you to accept the past, expect the constant changes and learn to love the phase you are currently in.

If you are ready to let go of what was and prepare yourself for what is to come, this book is for you.

the wolf

As the fourth and final book in the northern collection, the wolf celebrates how far we have come. It is a tribute to the core power that is hidden deep in all of us.

Touching upon themes such as power, resilience and adaptability, the wolf inspires you to follow your own instincts, listen to your own voice and follow your own path.

If you are ready to unapologetically step into your own power and become who you were meant to be, the wolf is for you.